Hair coloring is only performed using professional hair color provided by professional distribution. If you have any allergies or have had any reactions in the past, it is your responsibility to make me aware of this prior to your service. All guests are welcome to a complimentary patch test which needs to be performed two days or more prior to a hair color service. 

Hair color outcome can vary on each and every guest. Hormones, previous hair color, medications, environmental and more influence the hair itself.

In every service, communication between stylist and client is the foremost priority.  Honesty, communication and keeping the integrity of the hair "happy" is my number one priority. If the result falls short of the expectation, please inform mw so that we may adjust accordingly and send you home happy.  Your satisfaction is most important to me!  If you feel you need additonal attention, please contact me within five days of your service. Please note that we guarantee our Paul Mitchell color and texture services with the prescribed Paul Mitchell shampoos, conditioners, and styling agents sold in Reece Corbin Salon and other licensed cosmetology establishments.  We do not refund money for any services.  If you miss your adjustment appointment, you relinquish the service.